Welcome to the Popular Communication Division of the International Communication Association!

The Popular Communication Division provides a forum for scholarly investigation, analysis, and dialogue among communication researchers interested in popular communication and popular culture. Division members employ diverse theoretical approaches and methodological tools to explore a wide range of artifacts, processes, effects, and meanings that are associated with the shaping of popular communication and popular culture. The division particularly values critical research that regards popular communication and popular culture as a locus from which to generate useful and provocative questions about everyday life.

We gather once a year at the International Communication Association meeting, which takes place in late May (for North American conferences) or late June. The deadline for submitting a paper, panel, or interactive session to our division is November 4th. Submissions that address the conference theme are particularly welcomed. Our division’s journal, Popular Communication: International Journal of Media and Culture, welcomes submissions, as well. For more details, see our 'Journal' section.